Make Your Blogger Widgets Position Fixed While Scrolling

Sticky SideBar in blogger

Last Time!! I share Aamir Iqbal SEO Course And also with SEO Tutorials video. Now i am going to share about Fixed Widget in blogger while scrolling. Fixed Widgets are also known as Sticky Widgets or Sticky Sidebars , Sticky Menus in Blogger.. so in this post i will teach you how to make sticky widgets in blogger. Follow My Below Steps.

Creating Sticky/Fixed Widget , Menu and Sidebars In BlogSpot Blogger

Sticky Menu in Blogger

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML
  2. Click anywhere inside the template editor box
  3. Press Ctrl + F to opening Search Box
  4. Type ]]></b:skin> in the search box and press Enter Key
  5. Paste the below code above the ]]></b:skin>


  • Now </body>
  • After you find the </body> paste the given code just above the it and click Save Theme

  • <script type='text/javascript'>
    // Sticky Menubar
    function makemeSticky(e){function t(){var e=s.getBoundingClientRect();<0?(n.className=a+" sticky","px"):n.className=a}var n=document.getElementById(e),s=document.createElement("div");n.parentNode.insertBefore(s,n);var i=n.offsetWidth,a=n.className+" makesticky";window.addEventListener("scroll",t,!1)}makemeSticky("menu-wrapper");

    Before Saving your template  paste your widget Id/code .. if you dont know from where i can find widget id so dont be Confuse simple click  below link for checking your widget Id . Thank you..

    How to Check Widgets/Gadgets Id In Blogger/Blogspot ? 

    Aamir Iqbal SEO Course - SEO courses in Urdu/Hindi

    Greenhatworld seo course

    If you don't know about SEO ( Search engine Optimization ) and you want to learn Seo Course in Urdu and Hindi Language , so you in the right place. This Course is about How to rank your website Now i am going to share complete seo course of Aamir Iqbal.

    Aamir Iqbal Introduction :-

    There are many famous personalities in the world and Amir iqbal is one of them. He is a Pakistani Blogger and Owner of and For more info about this guy Visit his Website.

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    Course Outlet :-

    1  The Basics of SEO in Urdu

    Most Important Part of SEO. If you are a beginner in SEO so don't skip this part because in this course Aamir Iqbal Teach us Basic Of SEO
    The Basic of SEO in Urdu and Hindi
    1. Best Niche For Blogging
    2. How to do Research keyword before creating website
    3. How to select niche for website from ezine articles and
    Niche & Keyword Selection, Site Structure, Categories &        Subcategories

    In this video great man teach how to select niche in Urdu/Hindi , How to choose the topic for a website for good SEO. after this one  Tutorial you'll learn how to research with google keyword planner and how to use adword's for keyword researching and How to do keyword research for the website.
    Keyword research is the main important part of seo thats why Aamir share his personal tips and tricks on how to set categories and subcategories in WordPress with how to create website structure. We know the site structure in SEO for Blogger, WordPress, Joomla’s, and all other CMS (Content Management System) are same way just need to understand how to do it.

    Also covering how to find a domain name? Is EMD (Exact Match Domain) or a brand name is valuable or profitable for us? 
    Buy .com domain from GoDaddy and attach with Web Hosting
    In this section, we will learn how to buy a domain from godaddy. We can use honey google chrome extension to buy  domain at low price easilyHoney google chrome extention for more info about honey check below link.

    Must Read :- How to Set Meta Tags in Blogger

    But you must have credit or debit card for purchasing domain from godaddy in Pakistan.
    So, now we are going to learn how we can connect hosting nameserver in domain (godaddy). You can use any Hosting for best SEO.
    Aamir teach us how to set name server of domain, all things are cleared by Aamir Iqbal in Urdu SEO course online free.

    How to Upload WordPress Theme and also how to upload large file in wordpress.

    In this part, Amir Iqbal telling in this SEO Urdu course in USB how to install WordPress in Urdu. Aamir Iqbal will teach you how we can find a WordPress premium themes free. (PS: WPYAK.COM) We are going to install sahifa theme. You will also learn how to upload and active sahifa theme on WordPress. You can also upload and active theme of WordPress from FTP, or you also can upload and active WordPress theme through direct Cpanel or Web Hosting.
    How to set permalinks in WordPress in Urdu by Aamir Iqbal

    WordPress Theme Background and sidebar Widgets settings and making SEO optimized posts easily.

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    Finding and Using Keywords in Post and settings of Permalinks
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    SEO Optimized Website Structure in WordPress, Categories, Writing Articles using helping keywords and using google on your niche
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    How to write SEO Optimized article title, metadescription & Content
    In this seo video traing we are going to learn how to write article Title, Meta Description, and content with good keywords and will learn how to do internal linking in our article and how many words our article should consist.

    The Basic of Off-Page SEO “Blog Comment” First Step to OFF-Page SEO

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    10 How to Create Backlink with Guest Post advance back linking strategy

    Create backlink with guest post hunter software. A complete video training for guest post backlinking strategy. Aamir Iqbal will also share guest post email sample. In this Free SEO training video. You will learn how to get do-follow backlink from different blogs using this method.

    Guest blogging, get backlink with guest blog and post exchange through MyBlogGuest platform. you can chose selected category for post a guest blog post.
    11 what is the difference between do follow link and no follow links

    Aamir sir will clear your concept about do-follow backlink and no-follow tag link in an easy way. After watching this video tutorial, you can easily find the difference between two major backlinking

    what is difference between do-follow link and no follow links Aamir sir will clear your concept about do-follow backlink and no-follow tag link in an easy way.
    12  Get Back link with posting testimonial from related websites or blog

    13 Secret Method of Getting High Authority Backlink With Posting Feedback

    Get back link free by “Get Feedback for your website“. You can use and and also you can use simple google query for getting feedback websites. Then you can direct list your website and get traffic free to your website easily.

    14 Get Backlink of your website by listing on high authority websites

    Get Backlink of your website by listing on high authority websites like ETrust.comand you also have a option to list your website for free. Free listing providing by many websites like WordPress. Submit your website now in WordPress showcase.
    You also can find websites for listing manually by typing a google search query “submit your site showcase“. then you can get high authority backlink with showing your website there.

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    How to Remove Blog Title From Blog Post

     how to Remove Blog title from each blog post

    When you publish your post in google so google automatically index your post title with your blog title like in below image..

    how to remove blog title from blog post

    This is not good because you want rank your post or keyword in google but your blog title is too long also blog post so that’s why google not show properly your blog post.. here is the official method of how to remove blog title from blog post  Everyone hate  the default behavior, because it makes your articles easy to dismiss (and defeats the purpose of a creative title). This method works for every platform blogger,wordpress or for custom template.

    First of All backup your template if you don’t know how to backup of blogger template so must check this Post  How To Backup of Your Blogger Template

    1. ·  Open Blogger Dashboard
    2. ·  Click On Theme
    3. ·  Click on Edit Html
    4.    Paste Below Code After <head> Tag

    remove blog title from blog post

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;'>
    <!--credit goes to>

          If this code already add in your blogger / blogspot so remove below highlighted red color.

    <!--credit goes to>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title>
    <!--credit goes to>

         check below image after apply this code below in <head> tag. i am 100% sure this code will working because , you seen image yourself then you will know its working or not..
    Blog post

    I Hope you will do this if you facing any problem so feel free to ask me in comment box..

    How to Earn Free Credits From Dingtone App

    dingtone app tricks

    As You Know Every one want new Working techniques so thats why now i am going to tell you about dingtone . Maybe some people know about dingtone but mostly people don't know about dingtone. what is dingtone? everyone want to know about dingtone review so thats why i am going for sharing this ( Dingtone ).

    So Lets start For geting some Dingtone knowledge.

    Dingtone app is the most popular Android app in the world.Everyone want this app for free calling and for free texting because dingtone gives free credit.. why i am posting this article because its free and they provide free balance/credits for every sign up/registration.

    Follow Steps For Knowing about dingtone or if you are new user of dingtone app so thats good because from this method you'll get Free credits / Balance for texting and calling also for international calling . Dingtone also know as Free International calling app / android / IOS app.

    • Download Dingtone App From Playstore/App store
    • After Installing Click on Sign Up
    • Select your country and put your mobile number then click on continue
    • After Verification Fill all Blanks with your official bio data.
    • Now you are able for dial free numbers even International numbers or send free messages to anyone through free credit from dingtone.

    How Much Dingtone App gives us Free Credit ?

    when you create new account means when you are going for sign up or for dingtone registration so you'll get Free 15 credits . As You know every country has own rates for calling and messaging so if you want to know about rates then click on Calling Rates.

    How We Can Earn Free Credits from Dingtone ?

    • Daily Claim
    Dingtone App has one best feature which is Daily Check in  . Daily check in feature gives you 2 credits daily if you do claim. This feature is manual not automatic so thats why you need to Claim everyday for free credits and then you'll get 2 credits. also you'll get 1 free credit from i'm feeling lucky.
    • Invite Friend
    This App has all open feature . Dingtone Provide you One Specific Link for Sharing this Link with friends . when anyone sign up through your link so you'll get 20 free credits and you know how to use  free credits.

    • Complete Surveys and Tasks
    From this Method dingtone gives you any of task for completing . For example you face a task ( watching a video ) after completing video you'll get free credits . All of surveys has Different Credits. Very Easy to Pass any surveys.

    Feature Of Dingtone App.

    • Call Recording

    This app provide you call recording service in free of cost , If somebody call you and you ON call recording feature so call will be automatically get Recorded.

    • How To Get Us ( America ) Mobile number ?

    After reaching 100 credits then you'll be able to buy international - Us ( United state's ) Mobile number just in 100 credits.


    Dns Probe Finished Bad Config

    Now You Present on Tech Blog and looking for solution - How To Fix?


    error in Window  or Mac Browsers ( Chrome , firefox , safari etc ) actually this one error pause you from your work or stop  you from accessing Web Pages such as, , etc.
     The Target of DNS is to resolves/translates names so when your system can't resolves or translates the DNS address, thats why you will get this error..

    Dont Worrie About any thing Becuase This is an Internet Connection Error and is shown in Browser.  why i am posting this article becuase now a days everyone facing this problem/error. so thats why below i am going to tell you How to Solve - Resolve Or Fix Dns Error.

    Fix Dns error

    Method 1: Flushing DNS

    Through This we will  Flushing DNS to Solve Error Code: DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG. This will Most Probably Solve the issue if the Problem is in your DNS Cache. 
    Follow below Steps.
    •  Open Command  prompt.
    • Type “ipconfig /flushdns” without " Quotes and hit Enter.
    • You can see your dns is succuessfully Flushed.
    • Open your Browser and see All is Done.
    • Alternatively instead of ipconfig /flushdns you can also type “netsh winsock reset catalog”

    Method 2: Tweaking DNS Settings 

    If Upper method did not work for you to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG error while browsing so thats why i write this one for you.It need from  you to doing little bit changing in your DNS Settings through Tweaking.In mostly cases this one work for fixing DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG error ,the issue done after doing this method correctly. Follow the below steps :-

    • Right Click on Network icon in taskbar Dns error solution 
    • click on Open Network and Sharing Center.
    • find and Click Change Adapter Settings.
    • Right Click on Active Connection and select Properties.
    • Now look for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4),
    •  Double Click on it to open its Properties.
    • Click on Use the Following DNS Server Addresses and Type in in Preferred DNS Server and  in Alternate DNS Server then click OK  like shown in Below Picture.
    how to fix dns probe finished bad config

    Method 3: Renew or Release Ip Address.

    If above both two methods did not work properly so use this one i am pretty sure  this Method work for you, through this method you will be releasing your ip address and then renewing it again. If the error problem is with your IP address so use this one because this method should work for you. Just Follow the Below Steps. 

    •  Open Command Prompt ( CMD ) 
    •  Type in ipconfig /release then hit enter.
    •  Now again type in ipconfig /renew and hit enter. This will Renew your IP address.
    • All Is Done .. Now Check " DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG" error fixed now.