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VLC Media Player Have the Capability to Play Videos with all most all Video Formats , Probably this is the One reason Why VLC media player is the most Prefered Media player,  But Do you know that We Can even Watch Youtube Videos in VLC ? Yes we can, We do not require Browser to Watch Youtube Videos, VLC will do that job for you very Well.
You can not only Watch single Video in VLC  but also Watch Youtube Playlists in VLC to watch them in Sequence,Some More Advantages of Watching Youtube Videos In VLC Media player are:
  • Watch Youtube Videos without Ads, Means no Disturbance While Watching your Favourite Video.
  • Use Loop Button To Watch a Video Again and again Many times.
  • Increase or Decrease the Speed of the Video
  • Take Snapshots of any particular Screen of a Song or Movie.


Now let us Get Started With Steps to Watch Youtube Videos In VLC, Follow the Below Simple Steps.
Step 1: Open VLC media player, Click on File > Open Network Or Simply Use CTRL+N Keys to Open up Network URL Dialog box.
Step 2: Open Youtube, Navigate to Whatever Video you want to Play in VLC, Copy the Url of that video and Paste it in the Dialogue Box. and Click on Play.
Step 3: Enjoy Your Video.
Simple Enough hah, Now Let us see How to Watch Youtube Playlist In VLC Media Player.
Step 1: To Watch Youtube Playlists in VLC we will be Using an addon, So Click here to Goto the Downloading Page of the VLC addon Called VLC Playlist Parser. Make sure you have Latest Version of VLC Running on your system.
Step 2: Download the addon, Copy it and Paste it in Videos Installation folder which in most cases would be C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist.
Step 3: Everything is done, Now Open VLC, Press CTRL+N Paste Video Playlist URL Which need to be Public. Click on Play and Enjoy all the Videos.
I Just Hope this tutorial on How to Watch Youtube Videos in VLC Media Player Helps all you Youtube Lovers.


As you already know that google chrome is one of the fastest browser for using different internet services but do you know why? Chrome automatically stores many types of website data when you open any website and that’s the reason why it takes less time compared previously for loading your webpage.
But as google chrome stores website data for quick loading then it is also possible that chrome can get slower because of storing too much data and believe me guys when it happens it is the worse thing ever. the Cache helps to speedup browsing but slow downs the Broswer, So here is a Step by Step guide on How to Clear Cache in Chrome and make your browser faster then before.
In this guide you will learn 2 ways to clean cache in chrome. The Default way and The Fast way, So do not miss to Check Both the methods.


Step 1.  First of all Open your Google Chrome browser.
Step 2. Then click on Customize and control Google Chrome button on the top right corner.
Step 3. Select History option. You can also press CTRL + H for opening this menu box directly.
How to clear cache in chromeStep 4.
  After performing the above steps choose Clear browsing data option for clearing your recent web files and other browsing data.
Step 5.  Now carefully choose the time period and check or uncheck the options in the menu.
At the last simply click on Clear Browsing Data and that’s all and this How to Clear Cache in Chrome.  Your all type of recently used websites and web data will automatically be removed after pressing this option. If you have confusion regarding the above steps then you can simply press CTRL + Shift + Del button and then clear your all browsing data.
All types of Cookies, Cached plugin data, passwords, form fills and other type of app data will be flushed from your browser.


You can also prefer using different types of extensions which are available online for chrome browser. With the help of these extensions user will able to clear the browsing history just by one click. Here I have mentioned some of the best extensions that you can use for your chrome browser.


There are lots of extensions which are available for cleaning your cached plugin data in your chrome browser. Cache killer is counted in one of the most simply used extensions for chrome browser. This extension is so simple that it can be easily controlled with just one click.
After you have successfully installed and enabled this plugin on your chrome browser then it will help you by automatically erasing your cache plugin data. Not only this but you can also able see the latest version of the websites with the help of this useful extension.


This extension contain many amazing features which can allow you in removing your browsing data which generally contains downloads,cookies, cache, history,form fills, and other type of storage.
If you compare this extension to cache killer then you will find that this extension is more useful. You just have to click the icon of Clear Cache and then it will automatically flush you browsing data.


Like all the extensions discussed above One Click Cleaner also performs the same work. With the help of this extension user can clean up the whole google chrome browser with just one click. One Click Cleaner contains many type of options for clearing your browsing data.
Whenever you find that your browser is working slow then simply use this extension and clear your all type of cache plugin data to speed up your chrome browser again.
You just learned 2 Methods on topic How to Clear Cache in Chrome, This guide not only helps you to clear cache in chrome but also clears cookies and browsing history.
[alert style=”e.g. white, grey, red, yellow, green”] Note:You should always try to clear your google chrome cached data after every use because it is the best way by which you can speed up your chrome browser. If you are doing this process regularly then you can surely enjoy your internet services without any type of issues. [/alert]
Hope, you have enjoyed this article while reading. If you have any type of confusion or problem regarding the above content then you can leave your comment below and express your problem.

Top 5 websites to improve Typing skills

Everyone using the computer wish to finish their tasks quickly. For doing this, typing plays a vital role because no matter if you are making presentations, doing content writing or even chatting you have to apply your Typing skills everywhere.
It is dream of everyone to type rapidly and without even looking at your keyboard, just by concentrating on word over your screen which you are typing. But many of us really don’t have those great typing skills and if same is the case with you , just don’t worry .
Here is a list of few outstanding websites which will not only increase your typing speed but also let you Improve typing Speed and minimizing typing mistakes.



Improve typing Speed

On you will have to select a time slice ranging from 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes. Accordingly choose one text type from given ten types and then you can begin the touch typing test
After this test completes, website will generate a summary showing your typing speed, typing accuracy and errors that you made during your typing test. It will also categorize your typing in slow, Average or Fast in order to help you improve.
Besides, you can also play nine different games to test your typing speed while enjoying the game at the same time.


Improve typing Speed
The website PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor website allowing you practice on both kinds of keyboards i.e. Qwerty keyboard and Dvorak keyboard. Here Qwerty keyboard will make your paragraph or words typing skills better while Dvorak keyboard will be helping you to understand the alphabet’s keys location on your keyboard. You can select your desired keyboard and take the typing practice, or you can play some typing games as well.


Improve typing Speed is different from above mentioned two websites in such a manner because besides English, you can also take test for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian here. Some of which offer more than one default keyboard layout making you perfect in typing languages even other than English.
You can choose the test type from Random words, Custom text and Imported web site or blog which gives you flexibility to practice simply anything you want.


Improve typing Speed
In you can enter a typing race, take some practices yourself and also invite your friends to a private race with chat where you can compete against them. It will not just Improve typing Speed of yours but will also help you to measuring typing speed as well as chatting with your friends at the same time. You can install TypeRacer on Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, or Netlog  and you can also test your typing speed in Chinese, French, Japanese and many other languages.


Improve typing Speed
As per the name of website, you can test and Improve typing Speed by playing games. There are 10 different free typing games and each of them has three levels: beginner, Intermediate and advanced.
Apart from this you can also study the typing lessons or you can take some typing tests if you don’t wish to play game and just want to practice in classical manner.
Keep on Practicing to Achieve your Goal, If you know any other Great Website, Feel Free to Mention it in Comments.

How to protect wifi ( #router ) from hackers

Do you use a wireless network like Wi-Fi at your home or office? And afraid of it getting hacked by other people (hackers)? Now a day hacking has become a key stress or tension for the peoples and are you one among them getting stressed? Then now you don’t need to get worried about it, and let me handle that stress and problem, you just have to do is go through this article and try the stated tips by your own and learn How to Protect Wi-Fi network.



Many of the WI-Fi connections provides WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) for protecting your wireless network, but now a day it can be easily broken/hacked by the hackers by using a simple hacking suite within no time. So to protect your wireless network to the fullest you can use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), and in this you have to make sure that WPS (Wireless Protect Setup) is disabled in the router’s settings. This is the Most Basic and Important Tip to Protect your Wi-Fi Network


Always make sure that the password that you select for your wireless network is long and random so that it can’t be cracked/hacked by any kind of hacker. And to test how strong is your password you can use CloudCracker service.
In this service you will be asked some data and that you need to feed in (not the password), and then it will try identifying your password (it’s done in the same way the hacker tries to find out your password), if it fails to find your password then you are ready to use your wireless network and if it finds out your password then you have no other choice left other than changing your password.


If you are indulged in a business which allows visitors to use your Wi-Fi then it is sensible that you offer a guest network. By doing this the visitors will be able to connect to the internet without getting access to your company’s internal network. This will effectively help you in protecting your company’s information and also from any kind of malware and virus affecting your network or system.


Whenever you get connected with a wireless network first and the foremost thing you need to do is change its settings, as according to the default setting wireless network’s name is broadcasted to make it easy to find and connect. But Service set identifier (SSID) can also be set to “Hidden” so that no one except you will be allowed to view the name of your wireless network. Hence it Helps to Protect Wi-Fi Network.


With the help of these easy tips you can easily Protect Wi-Fi network From Hackers. Make sure that your firewall is turned on and you can also use antivirus and antispyware software from Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender on which you can totally trust.
These Were some Basic Tips that you Can Use to Protect    your Wi-Fi network, You got Some more? feel free to Speak your mind in Comments.

How to increase internet speed on google chrome

Today I will be Sharing some cool tricks and tweaks by which you will be able to Speed up Chrome browser. Do you know that experts w hich are sitting at future mark says that Google chrome is one of the fastest internet browser. Rightly said, As you have already experience while using google chrome that it really works faster and smoother compared to other internet browser. Google chrome uses DNS prefetching and speedy (SPDY) protocols instead of simply using HTTP. These DNS prefetching and SPDY protocols load up your page in advance so that you need not to wait for more time.

But It happens many times that google chrome Start working very slow and believe me that  is very frustrating. But you need not to worry any more because listed below are some nice tricks to speed up chrome browser



I can bet you that you are using many plugins which are generally not in your use. To work faster and smoother on your chrome browser you must have some selected plugins INSTALLED . Too much plugins can slow up your browsing speed. Follow the steps below and start removing your extra plugins from your browser.
1. Open your chrome browser and go to the following address
2. Uncheck the plugins which are not in your use. You can also delete these plugins unwanted plugins. Understand that you may not be able to delete or uninstall these plugins,you can only disable them
Note: Be very careful while unchecking or deleting your unwanted plugins because there are many plugins which are responsible for the performance of your browser. You may not want to disable plugins like flash because many web sites use flash to display web pages.


You might wonder if Plugins and extensions are almost similar to each other?  Plugins are usually a third party Program which are needed to enhance the speed and performance of your browser but other than this extensions are specifically needed for browsers.
These Extensions really slows up your browser and can affect your browsing speed very badly. To avoid this thing you just need to follow the below steps carefully :-
1. Open your chrome browser and type the following address in the address bar
To check the full list of extensions installed in your browser, simply Click on Wrench icon on your toolbar, navigate to Tools and then click on Extensions.
2. You will now Going to see an extensions list which is supporting your browser.
3. Simply uncheck the extensions which are not needed or just Delete those extensions which are not needed in future.
You will surely see some changes in your browsing speed as you delete those extensions from your browser.


You already know that if you browse any website, chrome automatically collects the cached text, cookies and other kinds of website data. That is why when we click again on that website address it Consumes less time for loading that web page.
Although cached and cookies are really made to speed up chrome browser but sometimes it happens that they are responsible for decreasing your browsing speed and lagging.
Following steps will be helping you in clearing your browsing data:-
1. Click on Control and customize chrome button or Wrench icon as i mentioned earlier.
2. Choose Tools > Clear browsing data.
3. Simply, choose the time range and other types of  extra features which are listed below in that dialog box, hit Clear browsing  data.
That’s all. I Hope you this article will some what help you clear your question how to speedup chrome browser?  if you face any type of problem or confusion after reading this article you can surely leave a comment below in the comment box.