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How to Use two Whatsapp in one mobile and how to download GB whatspp in android phone

Assalam-0-Alaikum my blog users... Today i am going to post.
How to download gb whatsapp with group invitation. In this gb whatsapp also added group invitation function added! Download Gb whatsapp & Use 2Whatsapp in single device just follow the simple steps and download gb Whatsapp.☺..

In this post u also learn how to use two whatsapp in one android mobile phone.. So First of All download this app Link is given below...



After The download Open the unknown sources option from mobile phone setting then install through manual step..

Once the download and installation completed then you will be able to use this app and two whatsapp in one mobile...

If any issue so be free ask from me through below comment box. 

If you not understand so Watch The Video..

How to use WHATSAPP in Google chrome Browser

We all Know that we Can Use Whatsapp on our Windows PC using Android Emulators like Bluestacks. That is an old story Right? But Now you can Use Your favorite Messaging app on your Google Chrome Browser too. Lately we have seen many updates in Whatsapp like 2 blue Ticks that shows read receipt. This time They have announced that Whatsapp will be available as Web Client for Google Chrome Users.
Unfortunately if you are a Firefox Fanboy, then you might just want to use Google Chrome to use Whatsapp in Google Chrome Browser. Likewise, IOS Users will also not be able to use the Web client. Ok, so now Lets jump in to the point see some Steps to use Whatsapp web Client.


Use Whatsapp in Google ChromeBefore moving on with the Steps let us first have a look at things you will need.
  • Latest Version of whatsapp installed in your Android.
  • Google Chrome Browser Installed on your PC.
  • Internet Connection in your Phone & PC.
Step 1: Click Here or Copy paste this URL in the address bar of your Chrome browser and hit Enter.
Step 2: You will see QR Code which you will have to Scan from your Phone, So open Whatsapp on your Android, Go to Menu > Whatsapp Web and Scan that QR Code on your Computer Screen. If you don’t see Whatsapp Web option then you need to Update your Whatsapp.
Step 3: Thats it you just need to Scan that QR Code to pair Whatsapp on your Phone and Whatsapp Web Client. If everything goes Right, then now you will be able to see your Messages on your Web Client in Google Chrome.
Remember to have UptoDate Version of Whatsapp on your Phone and also Keep in mind that your phone needs to be connected to internet in order to send and receive messages in your Web Client.


I would like to Share Couple of Pro tips that will make your experience better of using Whatsapp in Google Chrome.
Pro Tip 1: Make a Desktop application of Whatsapp Web. Simply Go to , Then Click on 3 lines which are at right top corner of your Browser which says Customize and Control Google Chrome.
Now Scroll down and hover your mouse on More tools then Click on Create Application Shortcuts, a pop up will ask you where you want to store it on Desktop or Start menu or both. Select any of your Choice and Click on Create.
Thats it now you have it !!!
Pro Tip 2: Pin the Web Client tab in your Chrome, Again just go to, Once loaded, Right click on that tab and select “Pin Tab”, now that tab will be pinned to extreme left of your Computer Screen. You will also be able to see Notification Bubble on that pinned tab whenever you receive a new Message.
To unpin the tab, just right click on it again and click on Unpin the tab.
So that is it for now, You learned how to Use Whatsapp in Google Chrome using Whatsapp web Client and Couple of Pro tip which i hope you will like it. So let me know what do you think about this update by whatsapp in the Comments below.

How To Download Whatsapp for Nokia Phone

The Nokia Company has recently launched Nokia X, X2 Nokia XL and Nokia X+ Smartphones. At the start, these phones got a tremendous response from the customers mainly because of  the brand “Nokia”. so lets start an article about Download Whatsapp for Nokia X, Xl, X2, X+ Mobile  .
So, If you’re a user of any of the above-mentioned series of Nokia mobiles, we’re going to help you in downloading and installing Whatsapp in your mobile.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia X, Xl, X2, X+ Mobile phone

Download and Install Whatsapp on Nokia X, XL, and X2 mobiles:

  • Step 1If you’ve  already installed Whatsapp or Whatsapp Plus in your mobile, Uninstall them and also remove the app data.
  • Step 2: Now download the older version of Whatsapp. Here’s the link Click here Now download the older version of Whatsapp. Here’s the link {Click here}But don’t Install it straight away.
  • Step 3: Before installing the older version of  the whatsapp which you’ve just downloaded, set your device time in the past ( somewhere around or Before May 2014 is recommended). If you’ve accidentally opened whatsapp before setting the time in the past, Goto Settings >>Apps >> Whatsapp and clear the Data.
  • Step 4: Now install Whatspp in your device and it’ll allow you to register with your mobile number.
  • Step5: After completing the registration of whatsapp, Uninstall it again.
  • Step6: Now change the date to present ( Today’s Date).
  • Step7: Now Download and install Whatsapp Plus from the mentioned link. Click here
That’s all. You can now enjoy using whatsapp in your Nokia X, X+, NokiaXL and Nokia X2 series mobiles and chat with your friends.
There are certain tricks which will help you in installing whatsapp in your NokiaX, Nokia XL and Nokia2 mobiles. But if you ask me, I’ll say this is the best, simple  and safest way to do that.
If  you’re stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to ask in the comment box below. We’re here to help you. Thank You. do you like Download Whatsapp for Nokia , then please share it . shareable links are given below .


We All are Aware of Messaging app Called Whatsapp, We Use it daily and no doubt We Love it, But have you been in a Situation when you accidently delete an important message on Whatsapp and you don’t know what to do next? Well Touch screen devices are great to use but many a times it frustrates you,when you tap on wrong option and things happens which you don’t wished to do.
Many of you might not know that there are ways to Get back Deleted Whatsapp Messages. Today in this article i will share two Methods to Get back Deleted Whatsapp Messages on your Android phone.
1) Manually
2) Using Web Application


Only Few Knows that Whatsapp Creates backup of all the data each day at 4 am (system time) Which is Stored in the SD card of your Android Smartphone. Follow the below simple steps and i will show you to Get back Deleted Whatsapp Messages.
Step 1) First of all Navigate to the Whatsapp database folder, you will require file explorer for this task. the path is > sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases.
Step 2) In the Database folder you will see Chat files which are with names similar like msgstore-2014-01-04.1.db.crypt. You may notices the file names have dates as well. but there is a File which is msgstore.db.crypt, we need to rename it. you can add any word before msgstore.db.crypt.
Step 3) After renaming that file, From the other Files just select the file which shows appropriate date before you accidently deleted your whatsapp messages, and then rename that file to msgstore.db.crypt. This Renaming process can also be done on your PC by Connecting your device.
Step 4) Now the Final step, Goto Setting>Applications>manage applications>Whatsapp and Click on Clear DataNow open Whatsapp, Choose Restore when it prompts. Thats it, the chat file saved as msgstore.db.crypt will be restored and hence your messages too.
Get back deleted whatsapp messagesOn Reaching here, you Need to Click on Restore instead of No Thanks.
Bonus: In Case if you have deleted any Image or Audio or Video from your whatsapp chat, then do not worry, its not deleted forever untill you delete it. To view that image or Video all you have to do is with the help of your Preferred file Manager, Navigate to sdcard/WhatsApp/Media Where you will find folders with names Whatsapp Audio, Whatsapp images, Whatsapp video, Open them up to find the file you are looking for.


In this Method we are Going to use a Web Application Called Recover Messages which is Specially Designed to Get back Deleted Whatsapp Messages. This is a Free Online Services which will help you to Read the Content of the database file and shows you Sent and Recieved messages.
Simply Go to Recover messages Site, Click on Select SQlite file to Upload the Database file, Select the Database file from SD card , Check the box which says i accept the terms of use and click on Scan.
Get back deleted whatsapp messages
Just wait for few seconds while it takes a bit of time to show you the Messages. With this Simple Method you can View your deleted Whatsapp messags within less than a minute.
The only drawback is You can only extract and View/Read your deleted messages but you can not restore them to your whatsapp chat history.
So in this article we saw two methods to Get back Deleted Whatsapp Messages, i hope it helps you now or in future. Don’t forget to share it on Social media if you liked it and You may subscibe for the free Daily Updates directly to your e-mail inbox, Using Below Subscription box.


The Whatsapp Messenger is an application that has been voted as being one of the top messenger applications by most users thus far.  When it comes to having an extensive list of premium features and overall messaging capabilities, the Whatsapp Messenger is known for having them all and being very user-friendly at the same time.

There are even many different Whatsapp tricks that can be used in order to enhance the efficiency and overall operational quality of this particular application.


1) Becoming an Official Spy
One of the most popular Whatsapp tricks that are currently being used is the opportunity to become a spy.  You can use this particular Whatsapp trick to spy on the activities of someone else’s account within this specific program.  In order to take full advantage of these capabilities, you simply just need to adjust the settings within the rooted device.  After those settings have been opened and fully accessed, taking note of the actual MAC address of that phone’s internal Wi-Fi connection is the only thing that will need to be noted.
2) You Do Not Need a Number
There is also another Whatsapp tricks that can allow you to use this program without ever having to use a person’s specific number. This is accomplished simply by manipulating the actual verification  request.
Many people have heard about this in the past, but have had no idea where to start in order to take full advantage of this capability.  The verification request will appear almost immediately after the program has been installed, so users just have to pay close attention and look out for it.
3) Retrieving Deleted Messages
Another great Whatsapp trick is that users are able to actually retrieve messages that have already been deleted.  In order to have direct access to these messages, all that needs to be done is a particular file (the msgstore.db.crypt file) will need to be transferred to a different mobile device and then restored within the new device’s Whatsapp program.
Check this Awesome trick in detail here > Get Back delete Messages In Detail
4) Sending Pictures to Other Pictures
Whatsapp is also capable of performing some pretty amazing functions simply by collaborating with other programs and applications as well.  For example, there is an application known as Magiapp that can work directly with Whatsapp in order to complete a fairly impressive picture transfer.  You can send one picture to another picture just by using this application, which is usually something that is done more for personal purposes instead of professional.