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How to send direct message on Instagram using Computer

how to send direct message on Instagram using Computer

Do you struggle to complete your wish for chatting someone on instagram through your computer or personal computer ( PC ).

If yes, so then i have solution for you. Using your computer, you can easily send direct message to anyone on Instagram through any window. 
We know there are tons of method are available for sending message but all are paid , but dont worry we will show you a method that will not require any Paid Task or even a single penny. All you need to do is download a software from last of the post.
Unlike other paid software's or method for sending message on Instagram, because we share app Free of cost, it includes all Instagram features like Posting Pictures or video, sending  direct message, post story, Follow someone, Unfollow someone, Like someone post, comment on someone post etc. All these Instagram features can be installed together using Instagram for Computer .

below some important questions for Instagram direct messages on PC. 

Conclusion :

Check above content for information of this post.. in this post we share about instagram direct messages features also you can easily download instagram for pc. after downloading you can easily send message to your friend / followers or to someone through your computer or pc. 

File Size: 67.4 MB
Price: Free


How to make Window Xp Genuine

Assalaм-0-alaιĸυм мere doѕтo.. υмeed нaι ap ѕв тнeeĸ нn gy. aj pнr ғaceвooĸ cyвer тrιcĸѕ apĸι ĸнιdмaт мaι нazιr нaι.. aj apĸy lιye мaι eĸ eѕι тrιcĸ laya нυn jo apĸo вoнυт ғaιda dy gι. yaι тrιcĸ υrdυ ѕecтιon or wιndownѕ or coмpυтer тrιcĸѕ мaι poѕт ĸr rнa нυn. acтυally yaι тrιcĸ wιndow ĸι нaι. нar eĸ ĸo apnι wιndow genυιne ĸrwanι нaι. ap ѕaнι ѕocн rнy нaι yaι тrιcĸ wιndow genυιne ĸι нaι нow тo мaĸe wιndow хp genυιne..

apĸy coмpυтer ĸy ddeѕĸтop py genυιne ĸa logo arнa нoga or yaι logo ѕιrғ new wιndow ĸrwany pr нoтa нaι or wιndow genυιne ĸrwany par.. wιndow ĸrny тo ѕвв ĸo aтι нaι leĸιn υѕy genυιne ĸrna ĸιѕι ĸo nнι aтι.. neecнy dιye gye lιnĸ ѕaι ѕoғтware download ĸry or wιndow genυιne ĸry agr ĸoι мaѕla paιѕн arнa нaι тo coммenт мaι apna мaѕla ѕнare ĸry. ѕнυĸrιya

download нere   ••°°••°°••    clιcĸ нere
ғιle ѕιze : jυѕт ιn ѕoмe ĸв

ιnѕтallaтιon ιn υrdυ :

ғιle download ĸarnaι ĸ вad rυn ĸary.or rυn ĸarnaι ĸ вad app ĸ ѕyѕтeм reѕтarт нoga.or υѕĸaι вad app ĸ deѕĸтop ѕay genυιne ĸa logo reмove нo jaι ga lo janaв нo gaι proвleм ѕolve dυa мaιn yad raĸнna or ѕнare ĸrna мт внoolna..

ιnѕтallaтιon ιn englιѕн :

aғтer download тнe ғιle.rυn тнe ѕeтυp and aғтer тнιѕ aυтoмaтιc yoυr ѕyѕтeм go тo reѕтarт.and now yoυr can ѕee wιndowѕ genυιne logo reмove on yoυr deѕĸтop


no need тo υpdaтe мιcroѕoғт weвѕιтe or oтнer тool мιcroѕoғт хp ѕυpporт


You might be Using Windows since long time but i am sure majority of you guys don’t know all the features and Uses of F1-F12 keys on your keyboard. We all know Common shortcuts like CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste, But you might not know what F1, F2,F3…….F12 keys actually do and where and when to use them.
In this article we will see Common features and Uses of F1-F12 keys , and also how these keys can be used with the Combination of CTRL and ALT keys.



  • F1 key almost everywhere is used for “Help”.  if you are using windows OS and want help anywhere then press F1 key, this will open up help window for you.
  • Sometimes F1 key is used to enter the BIOS (press F1 when your computer is about to boot).
  • Combination of Win + F1 keys will open the “Help and Support» Microsoft Windows.


  • Rapidly rename the chosen file or folder. Works in all adaptations of Windows.
  • Alt + Ctrl + F2 – Opens the Document as a Microsoft Word.
  • Ctrl + F2 – Opens the Preview window in Microsoft Word.
  • Frequently to enter the BIOS.


  • In the MS-DOS charge line or in Windows, press F3 to rehash the last summon.
  • Win + F3 – Advanced Search window opens in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Shift + F3 – Changes the content in Microsoft Word, from upper to lower case or capital letters at the start of each one expression.
  • In the event that I am not mixed up it is the F3 key which will cause the Application«Control» computers Apple, running Mac OS X.


  • This opens the location bar, in the event that you press F4 in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.
  • Rehash the last activity (MS Word )
  • Ctrl + F4 – Closes the window open in the present window, for example, a tab in the program
  • Alt + F4 – Closes the system window in Windows.


  • Refreshes the present page (works in all advanced programs), and additionally redesign the desktop or open organizers in Windows.
  • Running a slide demonstrate in Powerpoint.


  • Move the cursor in the location bar (additionally works in numerous advanced programs).
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6 – opens Document in Microsoft Word


  • Mostly used for spelling and grammar in a document programs Microsoft (Word, Outlook, etc.)


  • Pressing F8 key while your PC is about to boot will result into booting your PC in Safe mode.


  • The F9 key does not have any functionality in Windows. It may, however be used in some individual programs. To find out if it is available in the program you are using, bring up the program’s help screen and type in the words function key.


  • Activates “Menu” in the open organizer window.
  • Shift + F10 – works same as the right mouse click.
  • Pressing F10 while your system is booting will show you BIOS Information.
  •  F10 is used to enter the hidden recovery partition on computers Sony.


  • F11 Key will take you to Full screen mode and it can be used and work in any Browser.


  • Opens the “Save As” in Microsoft Word.
  • Shift + F12 – Saves a document in Microsoft Word.
  • Ctrl + Shift + F12 – Prints a document in Microsoft Word.
  • F12 key will open up Inspect element box in any Browser.
Fn + F1 or F2 or …. F12 keys will normally do the task that is Printed on the respective keys, This is basically for Laptop Users.
With this it Concludes my list of uses of F1-F12 keys in windows, if you know any more uses then please add to this article by Commenting Below.

How to protect wifi ( #router ) from hackers

Do you use a wireless network like Wi-Fi at your home or office? And afraid of it getting hacked by other people (hackers)? Now a day hacking has become a key stress or tension for the peoples and are you one among them getting stressed? Then now you don’t need to get worried about it, and let me handle that stress and problem, you just have to do is go through this article and try the stated tips by your own and learn How to Protect Wi-Fi network.



Many of the WI-Fi connections provides WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) for protecting your wireless network, but now a day it can be easily broken/hacked by the hackers by using a simple hacking suite within no time. So to protect your wireless network to the fullest you can use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), and in this you have to make sure that WPS (Wireless Protect Setup) is disabled in the router’s settings. This is the Most Basic and Important Tip to Protect your Wi-Fi Network


Always make sure that the password that you select for your wireless network is long and random so that it can’t be cracked/hacked by any kind of hacker. And to test how strong is your password you can use CloudCracker service.
In this service you will be asked some data and that you need to feed in (not the password), and then it will try identifying your password (it’s done in the same way the hacker tries to find out your password), if it fails to find your password then you are ready to use your wireless network and if it finds out your password then you have no other choice left other than changing your password.


If you are indulged in a business which allows visitors to use your Wi-Fi then it is sensible that you offer a guest network. By doing this the visitors will be able to connect to the internet without getting access to your company’s internal network. This will effectively help you in protecting your company’s information and also from any kind of malware and virus affecting your network or system.


Whenever you get connected with a wireless network first and the foremost thing you need to do is change its settings, as according to the default setting wireless network’s name is broadcasted to make it easy to find and connect. But Service set identifier (SSID) can also be set to “Hidden” so that no one except you will be allowed to view the name of your wireless network. Hence it Helps to Protect Wi-Fi Network.


With the help of these easy tips you can easily Protect Wi-Fi network From Hackers. Make sure that your firewall is turned on and you can also use antivirus and antispyware software from Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender on which you can totally trust.
These Were some Basic Tips that you Can Use to Protect    your Wi-Fi network, You got Some more? feel free to Speak your mind in Comments.


By Default Windows do not allow users to Copy text and Paste it in Command prompt Or Copy text from Command prompt and paste it elsewhere. But there is an option in CMD itself to enable Copy & Paste Text in Windows Command Prompt.
Today in this tutorial we will learn how to Enable Copying and Pasting Texts in Windows Command prompt. One of the main advantage of this will be that you can copy any command that you find on the internet or from any word/excel file and paste it directly in CMD and execute that command just like that.


Step 1: Open CMD, Just type CMD in search or Press Win + X key to select Command Prompt.
Step 2: Right Click on the Title of the CMD window and Select Properties just like its shown in the below Picture
Enable Copy paste in CMD

Step 3: You will see a Pop up Window coming up, Now on the Right hand side, Under Edit Options, Just Check Quick Edit Mode and click OK
Step 4: Everything is Done, Now just Copy any Text from Here or Anywhere else Using CTRL + C keys and just Right click using your mouse on CMD. You will see that the text is been pasted automatically in CMD. Please Understand that Using CTRL + C to Copy text is Important.
Likewise if you wish to Copy Text from CMD to paste elsewhere then Just Select the Text in CMD and Again just Right Click with the mouse. Your Text is Copied and ready to Paste it in any Document you want.
This Doesn’t Limit you to just Text you can even copy File or Folder path and paste it in CMD. Everything that you have to type manually can be copied from somewhere and pasted directly to CMD with this small Tweak
So this was just a small Tip I wanted to Share with my Readers so that you don’t have to Type any long Command in CMD which if typed incorrectly can cause errors. I hope this will help some Of you.



Lot of Things Changed in Windows 8 as Compared to Windows 7, Start Screen Was One of the Addition to Windows 8, Have a look at 5 Ways to Customize Windows 8 Start screen , And Couple of things have Even Disappeared From Windows 8 like Start Button and Hibernate Option. Probably the Reason Microsoft Disabled Hibernate option is Because Windows 8  Boots up and Shuts down Faster then The Older Versions. But if you Wish to Enable Hibernate In Windows 8 then Continue Reading.


Before Moving Forward let us have a Short Explaination About What Hibernate actually is.
Hibernation is powering down a computer while retaining its state. Upon hibernation, the computer saves the contents of its random access memory (RAM) to a hard disk or other non-volatile storage. Upon resumption, the computer is exactly as it was upon entering hibernation. When used to save power, hibernation is similar to sleep mode and saves more power at the cost of slower resumption.
Brief Explanation On Wiki


Hibernate Option is Actually Hidden in Windows 8, We Can easily Unhide it and Enable it. Just Follow The Below Simple Steps to Enable Hibernate In Windows 8
Step 1: Press Win + W key ie: Windows key and “W” key to open up Setting search menu. Then Type “Power” , Windows will Show you Few Results, You have to Click on “Power Option”

Step 2: Now From the Left Pane, Click on Choose What the Power Button do.
Enable Hibernate In Windows 8
Step 3: Then on Next Screen Click on  Change Settings that are currently Unavailable.

Step 4:  Now Scroll Down to “Shutdown Settings” Section, and Check  Hibernatebox to Enable it and Click on Save Changes.
Enable Hibernate in Windows 8
Step 5: Everything is done, Now next time whenever you need to Hibernate your PC, just Move your Mouse pointer to right corner of your screen to Show up Charm screen, Click on Setting> Power.
Enable Hibernate in Whindows 8
You will notice Hibernate Option added there. So in this Tutorial we Saw What Hibernate is and how to Enable Hibernate In Windows 8, Hope this Helps you .


In Windows One Can not Just Click on “Delete” to Uninstall a program in Windows, you have to run the Software Uninstaller or you Can do it with Control Panel. Many a times People Find it Difficult to uninstall a Specific program. You might not be aware of the Fact that Uninstalling Programs through Control panel does not always uninstall it Completely. Traces are still left in Registry and Program Files folder.

To Overcome this Problem and Uninstall Programs once and for all, you need to use third party Uninstallers. I will Mention 3 best Uninstallers which will help you to uninstall any program completely and easily including the registry entries. These uninstallers also comes with additional features such as Batch Uninstall, Program Sorting which makes them much easier to use.


1) Iobit Uninstaller 3: Iobit Unisntaller is my Preferred Program to Uninstall Applications from my PC without keeping any Leftovers. Iobit uninstaller 3 is Free to use and  Comes with beautiful and user Friendly Interface, Big advantage of Iobit Uninstaller 3 is the fact that it is Portable and Light. which means you don’t need to Install this Program and can Carry it anywhere you want.
Iobit uninstaller 3 Also Creates System Restore Point for you , It shows you the list of Programs that has been Installed on your Windows so that you Can easily Uninstall them, or Can even Batch Uninstall Programs to Speedup the Process.

2) Comodo Program Manager: Comodo Program manager is another Program to Uninstall Programs from Windows Easily. Besides Uninstalling Programs, Comodo Program Manager Comes with Many more Usefull Features. its is Simple to use as it comes with User friendly interface. this Program also helps you to remove Drivers, services and Windows Updates.
Comodo Program Manager Is alwasy Active and running in the Background, So whenever you try to run a setup , it checks for Malwares using thier Cloud Technology. Only Disadvantage i Find with this Program is it may use Fair amount of your Computer resource as it is always Actively running in Background.

3) Revo Uninstaller: Revo Uninstaller is one of the Popular Third-Party software that is Used by many to Uninstall Programs.Revo uninstaller is Fast and reliable,you can uninstall single and multiple Programs easily and fast.
It is not Available to download for Free from thier official site but you can enjoy all the features by downloading 30 days free trial pack. You may think of Purchasing if none of the above two programs Interests you Which are Free and much Better.