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Auto Likes Auto comments and auto Followers for facebook

Assalam-0-Alaikum.. As you know every day i have new post And also u know every day i share new and

latest post with you..
So çome on for today post ☺
Today i am going to teach you How to get auto likes auto comments and auto followers for facebook...
Follow some steps and get learn this trick..

Step 1 :- Firstly Download this app. 👇

•••°°°••• Download Here •••°°°•••

Step 2 :- Fill the details which we ask from you. In the page last..

Step 3 :- Click on the login..

Step 4:- After click on the login then the app will ask you which u want Auto Liker , Auto commentator , Auto Follower For facebook and Auto follower for Twitter Also Auto follower for instagram.. This is ur choice which is u want..

Step 5:- After Click on the Auto liker..

          Then click on the album or status which u want like maybe u want likes on status or pictures.If u want likes on status so click on status box. If u want auo likes for picture so click on picture box..After click on the picture box app will ask u where u want likes mean profile picture or cover pictures so if u want likes on picture so click on Profile Picture album.After the click on Profile picture album then automatically show u your profile pic which u upload on Facebook and then Click on submit not on picture..

As well As u want Auto follower for Facebook , Auto follower For twitter or Auto follower for instagram

After click on Above Followers..
Put ur username in Blank place.. And click on submit

All is Finished.. Remember me in ur prayer and also share with friends When this app working..

This app is working 100%. Tomorrow maybe i upload this app on Google play store if u agree so raise your thumb in Comment box.

Allah haffiz For muslim And good bye for others ;)