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Exceptional Air Conditioning Products in Campbelltown

white round grille

Round Grille

This round ceiling grille can be adjusted manually by turning the centrepiece. This product is also easy to operate and clean.
square grille

Square Multi-Directional Grille

The square multi-directional grille is great for diffusing air in multiple directions throughout the room, giving you evenly distributed temperature comfort.
pieces of trunking


Worried about unsightly chords from your outdoor unit? We conceal cables and wires with Colorbond trunking that matches the colour of your existing pipes.
return air grille

Return Air Grille

Each of your ducted systems come with a return air grille which includes a removable, washable filter. This filter needs to be washed on a regular basis and replaced when required.
duct zone control

Daikin’s Ducted Zone Controller

Using the latest Japanese technology, this product was developed in Australia specifically for Australian conditions. With this system, you can experience comfort to different areas of your home.
spare ducting


All ductwork is R1 flexible with a silver foil sleeve inside and out. Constructed of a polyester-type material with a 50 mm-rated insulation, this product is also fire rated.

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All of our products are composed of high-quality material. If you’re interested in how our additional products can supplement your system, give us a call today.
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