Ducted Systems

Ducted Systems

High-Calibre Ducted Systems in Campbelltown


Sleek Air Conditioning Designs

Whether you need an air conditioner for your new home or existing property, you can control your air flow with minimal visibility of the discharge grilles themselves.
premium air duct unit

Premium Inverter Ducted

If you need retrofitting for an old R22 ducted system, our premium inverter ducted product may be the solution for you. This product can heat or cool your entire property, no matter what the size.
standard duct unit

Standard Inverter Ducted

Does your house have limited roof space? You can still enjoy the benefits of an air-conditioned home with the compactly designed Standard Inverter series.
slim duct unit

Slim-Line Ducted

We offer the slim-line ducted series for homes with limited ceiling space. You can have freedom of design with this option as you heat or cool multiple rooms.
bulkhead duct unit

Bulkhead System

Looking for discreet installation? Our range of bulkhead systems can target central areas of your home, especially areas with a drop or shallow ceiling.

Competitive Pricing 

We offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. If you’re curious about which system will best fit your home, call our qualified experts today.
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